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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Antenatal Class 2014


Here we meet again blog. I wanna share my experience attended antenatal class last week at Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong last week. Actually not decided to deliver here pun but we went because there's only available time for us to go. Hospital yang kitorang plan nak bersalin tu tak ada conduct antenatal class. Class charges at RM80 per couple including goodies bag, tea break and lunch. But don't expect you will get full!!

Below are the rundown programme of the day. You may look what they taught to the parents to be. I foresee maybe around 20+ couples attended the class and the class were conducted in English. So, please  consider yourself if you convenient with that.

Untuk lebih jelas, program adalah seperti ini:

:The Labor - What Every Patient to be Should Know:
:What are the Common Problems in Newborn?:
:The Painless Labor:
:Fitness & Breathing Technique During Pregnancy:
:Nutrition needed during pregnancy & lactation:
:Newborn Breastfeeding:

Most of speakers I can say are specialist and they work at Columbia Hospital. Banyak juga dapat tips and belajar benda yang kita tak tahu jadi tahu. Recommended untuk pergi while you are in first trimester. Tapi kot-kot takut terlupa nanti boleh la pergi waktu second trimester.

Talk by Dr. Wong. She explain more on what are common prob after giving birth
Talk by Dr. Asilah. She explains more on labor process and epidural process. Pro & Cons.
It's me during exercises session. Quite fun and knowledgeable
After exercises we had lunch about 45 mins.

Our lunch. Fish and potato wedges. So pity right :(

We had lunch about 45 mins and after that were session by nutritionist from Fonterra Brands. Nothing much on this but quite knowledgeable since she explains on what our body need during pregnancy and lacta. And not to forget to promote their Anmum product.
Sharing knowledge by Midwife how to breastfeeding and child care. Kena open mind sikit waktu this class :)
Overall, antenatal class is quite useful and knowledgeable for first mummy to be. Tak salah nak attend to gain knowledge. Tak kan nak harapkan nasihat orang tua aja kan. Some of their tips may relevant and useful to us, but we also need to learn on the other sides. Locationwise is very poor cause as you can see participant just sat on waiting chair. Memang sakit badan duduk lama-lama, then I asked my hubby to get bantal from car. Also, it's also open hall which near to lobby. Can hear anak-anak menangis and orang-orang hospital buat kerja lalu lalang. Meal also very poor. Time arrangement also poor. Have to wait every speakers to set up their presentation sometimes up to 30mins! 

p/s: We missed hospital tour since we all nak attend wedding after that.

For your information, below are the other hospitals that regularly conducted antenatal class. You may contact them to check available date and booking.

Tropicana Medical Centre
Kelana Jaya Medical Centre
Columbia Asia Setapak
DEMC Hospital
SALAM Hospital
KPMC Puchong
KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital
Sunway Medical Centre

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