About me in short, here you go...

Hello...even I love to write, but actually I really don't. I don't love to write like a novel. I just love write. BUT, to be honest, I'm actually lazy blogger, cause I just write very simple thing with simple visual, which unnecessary for me to think so much. I started blogging since 2010 and I remember that time was a new year. I just want to keep all my memories I've been through here...in my blog. Since I also lazy to hand writing in my personal blog, so I started to register in blogspot :) So here, you will only see about my lifestyle, travel story and experiences.

You may find I wrote both in Malay and English, and pardon me cause when I talk to people also Manglish. I'm exactly Malaysian and Islam. 

Happily married to my crush, Muhammad Afiq on January 2014. Proud to have him as my hero, and we're proudly presenting our princess and prince, Malaeka Amani and Luth Rafiesqy.

I really enjoy travel and going places, explore new adventure, experiences. 

Please enjoy your reading.

My life partner, my hero
We had promise during Akad day. In sha Allah, and we pray for the best

Wishlist before 30's
To Own House - House in progress
My Dream Income
Korea - Anneyong!

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