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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Travelog: Busan, Korea Part 2


Wahhh....after so long baru nak update second part...Sorry for kinda busy (kononnya lah kan)

Okay, let's continue on our story from the first part, which is here.

After we went to Haeundae Beach, we all continue our journey to:

1. Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre (BEXCO)

This exhibition centre definitely big and bigger than  KLCC/IDCC I think. But we just have a walk outside the centre. Tak masuk dalam pun.

Ada satu block di sebelah kanan. Imagine how big the centre

2. Busan International Film Festival

How to get there? Get train go to Centum City Station

Tiba-tiba ada ice skating dalam ni kan?
3. Busan Museum of Art

How to get there? Get train and go to Busan Museum of Art station

4. Gwanggali Beach

How to get there? Take subway and get off at Gwangan Station. Then just 5-10 minutes walk to the beach. There are double bridge behind us. We all spent our time here from evening until night. In between we had our tea time at Starbuck, just around the beach. Why we wait until night time? Cause you all can see the light scene which is very beautiful. Sorry it's not nice in my photo.

Konon-konon nak sweet gitu. hehe

p/s: I will update my next entry where to eat at Korea, the halal restaurant at Busan. Also, some great moment I can't forget. Lesson :)
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