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Friday, July 11, 2014

Travelog: Busan, Korea Part I

Assalamualaikum readers/blogger,

Alhamdulillah now berkesempatan untuk update my travelog to Busan, Korea. Just came back from Delhi, India but not for holiday, but some reasons of work. If I still have time I will update on India travelog post.

It such a good experience I had when travelling to Busan. I know some people may get exciting about Korea, to know more their culture, music, drama etc. And people more know about Seoul than Busan. And why am I choosing Busan as my first trip to Korea?

Any reasons could be. We want to try to know their suburban lives (actually have plan to go Seoul later). My husband and I had bought the promo flight tix from Air Asia 6 months before the date departure, and it was purchased before we got married anyway. Kiranya honeymoon trip juga la. Hehe. So please keep visiting Air Asia websites from time to time to know more about their promo flight tix, or you can either choose any of you preferred airlines. No doubt.

4 days trip with 6 hours travelling from LCCT to Gimhae International Airport (Busan) was a tiring day to us. And we had purchase extra seat 2+1 for return flight as well for our comfort. Bukan sebab nak manja-manja okeh..

Places visited and to visit

1. eFashion Hotel

I don't know how to describe this hotel. Is it motel, love hotel or whatever? It looks hidden from the public view and look no one staying in that hotel, but actually not. Hotel ni provide reasonably price to us, and good service in the room though. We all pick Deluxe room so nampak okay sikit. And the location is in business area but it's a good location and central untuk tempat-tempat yang kita nak pergi. How we go to those visited places? Korea sangat maju sebab dorang ada facility of Subway. Semua tempat yang nak pergi memang dekat dengan Subway. So please avoid to get cab. Just waste your money and time. From Airport to this hotel took around 20minutes and the taxi driver charged me 30,000won (ard RM90). It's pricey cause they are not legal taxi in the airport). Please be careful when you going to take taxi in the airport. I will write in my next post why.

View from outside.
Sorry tak sempat nak snap photo dalam bilik
I was spending my time at convenience store.
Just next to the hotel
2. Yongdusan Park

Nothing much over here, but the place is really nice. Ada Busan tower, park etc.

How to get there? Take subway to Nampo-dong station. From the station takes about 10-15 minutes walk.

This is the train station which nearby to Hotel I stayed.
Just 5 minutes walk and you can go anywhere by taking train. So convenient.

3. BIFF Square

Actually this is kind of street, where you can find so many thing sell over here.

How to get there? Take subway to Nampo-dong station. From the station takes about 10 minutes walk.

The walkway

4. Gukje Market / Ggantong Market

Both market are really nearby. They sells clothes, souvenirs, shoes, bags, belts, wallets, appliances etc. The price is not cheap as we thought but there are may choices you can find there.

How to get there? Take subway to Nampo-dong station. From the station takes about 5-10 minutes walk.

Shop on my right and left
Another route

5. Yongdusan Park Tower

This like a garden and a tourist attraction. Just for sight seeing. All are nearby, market, tower and the park.

On the way go to the top

My husbanddddd :)
This is the tower. 
After that we all went to Starbuck for lunch? Just this?
Yes only these accepted.
6. Haeundae Beach

Really insisted to go this beach because of Jung Yong Hwa (CNBlue) was filming We Got Married with I can't remember the girl in the SNSD team. Cantik!

We're nearby

Modern development at the beach

Ohhh. The lovebirds. Exactly same as I watched in the WGM series.
Siapa yg bagi makan memang naya kena kejar dgn burung ni

Across the road to had our brunch
Starbuck again
7. Busan Aquarium

We all not enter to this aquarium pun. Sebab ramai and mahal.

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