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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Salam Namastee! From Malaysia to New Delhi, India


As promised berbulan-bulan yang lalu, nak update pasal travel to New Delhi, India ni. Actually not so called travel la tapi boleh la dikatakan sebagai kerja sambil berjalan. Had training for a week dekat sana. Terpaksa tinggalkan husband dgn bantal busuk selama seminggu. Sobs!

Disebabkan our HQ is located at Gurgaon, India (next to New Delhi), so we had global marketing meeting/training dekat HQ juga sebab gather all the staff all over the world! Cehh, macam ramai sangat kan? Padahal berapa kerat je pun tak sampai 10 orang marketing staff.

Eventually we took MAS, agak gerun sebab time tu baru-baru lagi heboh pasal kehilangan MH370, tapi kita redha dgn apa yang jadi kan. Alhamdulillah perjalanan amat mudah which took 6hours on flight. Kebetulannya, we bumped into our President in one of our sister company dekat India while waiting our flight. Satu flight rupanya. Ohhh, 'kami' tu adalah my boss, Vietnam & Indonesia staff.

We all staying at The Habitare Continental Hotel, Gurgaon. Hotel ni quite ok tak rasa macam 3,4 or 5 star hotel cause this hotel look very small but they have cozy environment. Macam dok private hotel pun ada juga. Friendly services from staff buat rasa ok je sampai berkawan la kitorang. Hehe. Guest room pun quite nice and sangat selesa.

To be honest memang susah nak cari Halal food dekat sini. Tapi kita gagahkan makan makanan yang kita boleh makan. Avoid to eat beef, chicken etc. Orang dah pesan juga jangan senang-senang minum air dorang cause sangat kotor! Minum air mineral just fine.

Sepanjang seminggu dekat Gurgaon/New Delhi ni tak banyak aktiviti sangat cause siangnya kami meeting sepanjang hari dan hanya berjalan-jalan waktu malam for dinner. Opppss lupa. Our management also took us to Taj Mahal City and one of the theater. Forgot already! Taj Mahal City memang sangat jauh dari town New Delhi. We all took mini bus and take around 2-3 hours to reached the place.

What I brought from India? I bought 4 sarees and given to my mom, sis, SIL, and bff. And also some keychain, Taj Mahal replica (for hubby). Harga saree agak relevant paling murah can get RM30-RM70. Kalau mahal tu means material dia lagi bagus lah kan.

Tips travel to India:

1. Prepare your Passport (must be valid at least 6 months from the end date)
2. Apply your VISA. Malaysian must apply Visa before visits to India. For visa application form please click here. After completed the form than you have to print it out and submit to IVS Centre, which is located at Lebuh Pasar Besar, KL. Actually this centre just next to Dataran Merdeka je! Penat cari parking taw. But they have two different time for submission and collection. Please check out at their website for more details.
3. For Muslim, you all can prepare your own frozen meal etc. kot2 tak lalu nak makan dekat sana
4. Try to avoid to drink from the local drink, can have mineral water or Coke. *tak tahu kenapa Coke*
5. Bring your skin care cream. Just in case you got itchy during hot day! Udara dorang tak berapa bersih. My boss got whole body allergic after came back from there. Sampai ke muka lah merah.
6. If you are travelling from New Delhi to Taj Mahal City, please bring some food and drinks. You will get hunger during the journey. It takes about 3 hours to reach Taj Mahal.
7. And...bring your money of course!
Let me share some photos during my visits to India.

Waktu ni otw pergi office.
Busy town
Otw to Indian Gate. Nampak cantik lighting dari sini.
Marketing people from all branched. Brazil, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam
Just arrive to have dinner. Those guys are Marketing people from India. Our bodyguard & tourguide :)
Otw to Agra, Taj Mahal. Hmm...tak mampu tengok lembu bersepah dekat sana.
Pintu masuk Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal. So beautiful.

Went to theater at Kingdom of Dreams. Dengar kata nak masuk tempat ni mahal.
Inside theater. Nice setup.
After the show. All Marketing people inc. India staff.

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