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Sunday, December 7, 2014

6 months and still counting


Alhamdulillah...at this moment dah masuk 27 weeks which 6 month and almost reach to 7 months pregnancy. While writing this, I am thankful to Allah, cause give me this opportunity to feel how great is a mom to be. Husband and family also helps me a lot during my pregnancy and In sha Allah hope it to be last till my due date. Another 2 months to go and I still hope everything gonna be fine. 

And, one thing, I don't know how to control myself in my preparation to welcome our baby. Barang pun 70% dah beli and asyik nak beli je kalau terjumpa barang-barang baby ni. Even boleh dapatkan free je dari akak abang. Untung sebab dorang dah handover dekat I ni. hehe.

Masih ada barang yang tak muat nak letak.

Additional wardrobe on the way. Hehe.

I just love this.

Bila dah masuk third trimester ni, my weight gained a lot! Haihhh. How to control leh.


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