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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 here we go

Hello 2012.
People are so welcoming year of 2012.
I don't know why.
Is is because the rumours of Mayan story about the end of the world,
or something else?
For me, if Allah wants it to happen in this year,
He might let it happen.
Don't count of the days we left,
tapi pertingkatkan lah amalan kita di dunia ni dulu.
Mudah2 an.

Well see. Goodbye to 2011.
It's already 1 year I have been given an opportunities to work everywhere and anywhere.
And insyaallah, the year of 2012 will give me more.

Dalam hati ada angan2, belum menjadi taman.
Angan2 terlampau banyak aku rasa.
Alhamdulillah wishlist 2011 termakbul, and which are not akan dipertingkatkan lagi.

Thanks to brother for Galaxy Tab
Thanks to PTPTN for Blackberry Storm.
Thanks to lovely Mum for travelling digital camera Nikon.
Thanks to him fulfill my makan2 wishlist restaurant. haha.
Thanks to my dearest friend for spending lot of their time, laughter and giggling with me.
Thanks to Comfori for my 1st gaining work experience.
Thanks to Nova team for brought me in work and politic exposure.
anda apa2 je lah.

And what would be my 2012 wishlist?
Haha. aku pun tak tahu. Ikut je la arah tuju kan.
Tapi plan mesti betol.
Hope this year brings peace, joy, good health.
Stable of job and financial, Galaxy Note as well (if possible. hehe),
and for sure my family and myself happiness.


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