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Monday, January 23, 2012

It may last here

What I can say more?
It's clearly said it was my last day and working with NS.
It's great I have gained much experience work here.
Even staff tak ramai, ni la yg buat aku boleh rapat dgn semua orang,
Including operations team.
It's being sad to leave, but we have to.
Takkan nak berada di takuk yg lama kan?
People have and need to move on
Tapi, my ex-boss mcm dah bagi permission,
if dah penat nak ...tuttt tutt n' tutt... just come back and join them again.
Haha? Perhaps could have the chances soon? Maybe?

my collection pass were been in memories

Goodbye NS.

And mana aku pegi lepas ni?

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