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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Here to play, here to stay!

Here to play, Here to stay!
I was so excited had an opportunity to watch their game in Malaysia,
on 21st July 2011.

Thanks bro, bought me the tix.
Sayanye takde camera canggih mcm DSLR or camera biase tuh,
Kalau tak mesti pic dah cantek.
Dah la duk atas tinggi nun,
Nak capture confirm tak cun setakat guna Nokia 5.0MP and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.2MP
Kena ada camera 12.0 MP jugak cun.

Tak hape, yang penting aku tgk, aku yg puas hati.
But for overall, proud Malaysia performed very well,
& bit dissapointed with Chelsea performance.
Nevermind, they have their own excuses.

The Tix~

An awkward expression, on the road~

Here to play, here to staymy bro, support Malaysia~The closing~I wish I was there :)Us :)

Team Tiger! Let's ROAR loudly in Bukit Jalil for second match with Singapore. Let the Lion fear us!

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