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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thanks to 2012


That so much things happened in this year. I am so thankful to Allah especially which gives me rezeki yang cukup as long I still can survive in this world.

Alhamdulillah, early 2012 I have moved to new job, new environment, new colleagues, new salary, new experiences and new life.

My new baby also born in 2012. Berbulan keringat menunggu dan hadapi pelbagai cabaran, finally it was born in black color (its not my preferred choice btw, red is my first choice. Disebabkan production yg lambat, so we just accept whichever  come to us. And what happened to my baby blue? I didn't sell it, but I sell to someone that I know and consider to trust. Macam mak cakap, takpe la sbb dia pun will be in our family juga nanti. Insyaallah.

2012 juga aku amat berbangga, cehhh, sebab aku dapat pergi travel tempat yg tak pernah aku jejaki lagi. Ececehh. Singapore, Krabi Island, Phuket and Beijing. Those such memories are too valuable for me. Some of the trip I have shared in previous entry and Insyaallah if I have a time  I will share more in my other trip.

I think these three are the most wishlist I wanted for throughout my life, and I still looking more to in my life.

I wish Allah may bless my wishlist plan for 2013. Insyaallah.

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